David Attenborough class does it again!

We have been very busy recently with lots of different activities!

Finally, congratulations to Gerald who was our Golden Book winner this week!

Outdoor Maths Challenge

The class were set a code breaking challenge to match the number bonds with their calculation in order to solve the code to reveal the joke answer! The children enjoyed running around, solving the problems and working together in teams, showing Taylor the Team Work Star.

Welcome back!


First of all, a link to our new class theme tune. https://youtu.be/vVWm9GNRlQw

David Attenborough have made a great start this week and it has been incredible to see everyone back safe! We have been hard at work including…

All in all, it has been a busy week but the class are brilliant and working well. One final thing to share is this: the class have really enjoyed ‘The Wizards of Once’ by Cressida Cowell over lockdown. Borys has enjoyed it so much that he was inspired to read his own book to me which I would like to share! Great reading Borys! 👍

Keep going everyone and stay safe!

Mr Heritage

Amazing Attenborough!


Hope you are staying safe. David Attenborough class has been very busy recently!

We have showed great team work and resilience with Commando Joe to complete tricky challenges. Here are some photos of bridges and towers the pupils made over the last two weeks.

Julian has also worked very hard to learn numbers to 20 and everyone in the class is really proud of his work using the part-whole method, well done Julian!

Finally, David Attenborough class made ‘Eggless Kaju Pista’ cookies last week and they were delicious! The class were very sensible and safe measuring the different ingredients and we all made sure to wash hands a lot!

Happy half term!

Hello! David Attenborough class has been very busy in our first half term back in Year 4.

As part of our Commando Joe lessons, we have been working for Queen Elizabeth II.

For World Mental Health day, we created our own masks and moustaches based on the colour yellow.

Please check Seesaw for wor over half term. If you have any questions, please email the school.

Next half term, we are going to be exploring ‘Kensue’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo, which is a story of a 10 year old boy surviving on a desert island. For your task this half term, we would like you to imagine that you are stuck on a deserted island, with only a few of your personal things and a ‘message in a bottle’. Your message in a bottle could be:

– a diary entry about how you ended up on that island or how you are surviving.

– a missing poster asking for help! – a letter asking for rescue!

– anything else you can think of, be imaginative!

We have attached different pictures and ideas for your missing poster, as well as an example desert island. However, your island could be anything you like. In fact you might not be the only person on the island…

We are really looking forward to seeing and reading your messages in a bottle!

Thank you and have a great half term!

Mr Heritage